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Boating Education


Since the age of 13 when I read Sir Francis Chichester's - Gypsy Moth Circles the World, I have enjoyed the fine art of armchair sailing. There are currently 3 shelves of boating related books in my office.

Formal Boating Education:

Coast Guard - Advanced Coastal Navigation - 2001

Coast Guard - Boating Skills and Seamanship - 1989

ASA - Basic Keelboat Certification - 1994

Top 10 Books on Sailing and Seamanship

Current Magazine subscriptions include, Ocean Navigator, Blue Water Sailing, Cruising World, Good Old Boat, Sailing, Offshore, Soundings. Probably too much to read in a given month, but I seem to get through them all, and wouldn't know which one to cancel

Some of my favorite books bought from :

Cruising Handbook - Calder - A complete, logical, and thorough review of all things cruising from the perspective of a sailor that bought a 40' customized Pacific Seacraft for his own use.


The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat - Vigor - A detailed description of the characteristics a sailboat should have to safely travel offshore.


Used Boat Notebook - Kretschmer - Reviews of 40 great used boats from Sail Magazine and 10 great boats to sail around the world.


This Old Boat - Casey - Lots of tips on boat maintenance a repair that will probably get a lot more use when I buy my own "old boat"


Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring - Hinz - I'm an anchoring fanatic and this book is the best I've found - FWIW I use a 16.5# Bruce on my 20' Grady.


Heavy Weather Sailing - Coles - A thorough review of what can happen in weather and that there are still no absolute truths in regards to what will work


Weather Predicting Simplified - Carr - This is the book I want to learn to avoid having to use the previous book. It's a pretty dry read for me though, and I'm going to give it another shot


Instant Weather Forecasting - Watts - A great photo book of clouds which gives even the weather neophyte a chance of predicting short term weather.


Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual - Calder - An extremely thorough tutorial of the systems maintenance and repair in the modern vessel.


Marine Diesel Engines - Calder - Yes, another Calder but with detailed and clear writing specializing on the proper care and feeding of the "iron sail"


I've got a large assortment of sailing and boating travelogue books, to vicariously cruise throughout the world. However, if you're reading this you probably already have a personal collection and don't need any further encouragement to get out on the water.


Finally warm weather!