Other Skills

Relevant Boating Experiences


About 25+ odd years of messing around in small boats in a variety of waters and conditions. Have probably experienced most of the top 10 boating blunders and errors at least once. Current small boat flotilla lined bow to stern represents about 70' of boats.

Personal Flotilla:

Grady White Adventure 208 '95 in the waters of: Long Island Sound, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Narragansett Bay, Hudson River, and Lake George.

Avon Redshank Raft '84 down parts of the Colorado and Green Rivers, Delaware River, Martha's Vineyard, Hunting Island, Snake River, and St Mary's Lake.

Mad River Revelation Canoe in waters of Delaware River and various Lakes in NY.

Sunfish on NJ Lakes and Long Island Sound.

Bic Lambada Windsurfer on Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, and Cape May.

Other Peoples Boats

Island Packet 380' - 5/2007 - crewed on 240 mile delivery from Atlantic City, NJ to Wickford, RI. Had a great time and learned a lot about this nice boat with Carey and Craig.

Contest 42 ' - 5/2004 - crewed on 800 mile delivery from Hampton, VA to Bailey Island, ME via Newport, RI. Experienced gale force winds around Block Island on the 0000 to 0300 watch and then fog upon a morning departure from Newport. Next day saw first double full semi-circle rainbow! A great trip!

J 44 ' - 4/2004 - first mate on 150 mile delivery from Newport, RI to Huntington LI via Block Island. First day with a near continuous 25 to 30 knots of wind on the nose, and the second day with less than 5.

Hunter 35.5' - 3/2004 - crewed on 100 mile delivery from Bayshore to Huntington LI.

O'day 32' in waters of western Long Island Sound.

J-24 in during ASA classes in Hudson River.

Tartan 37' off of City Island.

Ocean 35' & 40' fishing 100 miles south of Montauk. Lots of tuna, and lots of big water too. Fisherman are serious and don't worry too much about the weather. Entertained crew while attracting small baitfish and now take precautions against seasickness if the conditions warrant it.



Still smiling!