Other Skills

Other Skills

Other Potentially Boating Relevant Skills


I've always enjoyed the outdoors, and traveling. Though the years I've tried to pursue most outdoor recreational activities, and some of the following experiences might be applicable to life on a boat

Licenses and Certifications:

NJ State Licensed EMT-D, (Emergency Medical Technician) - Hopefully not required on board, but good knowledge to have "just in case"

Certified Scuba Diver - I guess I'm the man to remove fouled lines from the prop, and maybe check on the anchor set.

Licensed Amateur Radio Operator - Extra Class - VHF would probably work on most coastal deliveries, and Marine SSB offshore, but the additional knowledge can't hurt

BSEE - Stevens Institute of Technology '78 - I've got a good overall understanding of things electrical and mechanical - I perform ALL maintenance and repairs on my home, personal vehicles, boats, RV, motorcycle, and home computers, etc.

MBA Finance - New York University '82 - I'm not really sure how I can directly relate this to boating, except that I'd figured I would include it in the interests of full disclosure - I can probably compute the tip on the bar tab, and hopefully manage investments so that I can buy a bigger sailboat someday.

Outdoor Experiences

7 Years Rock Climbing - Before kids, almost every Saturday at the Gunks in NY. Also visited Yosemite and Seneca Rocks. I guess I would be nominated most likely to go up the mast in pursuit of a lost halyard. I'm also fairly physically strong.

5 Years Winter Mountaineering - 3 night trips cross-country ski backpacking and ice-climbing in the White and Appalachian Mountains in the middle of winter. I enjoy being outdoors in challenging circumstances and have learned to enjoy one-pot meals. I have also learned to survive without hot showers and in the close confines of a tent with other climbers.

6 Years Motorhoming cross-country with wife and two young boys in our Lazy Daze Motorhome. Interfaced Laptop PC to GPS and mapping program to insure navigational success and matrimonial harmony. Many nights dry camping. I learned to live with the family in the confines of 26' and am skilled in the fine arts of water, fuel, and poop management.


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