Other Skills

Personal Background


I've tried to present most of the boating related background on the previous pages, but I'll try to tie up any potentially loose ends or questions here.

Personal Background:

Physically Fit, 52 year old

6' - 165#

Happily married and father of two boys

Self Employed Business Planning Consultant

"The Plan"

Gain experience crewing on delivery boats in a variety of craft and conditions.

Graduate to crewing on bigger boats, longer distances, and more challenging destinations

Charter a boat comparable to prospective "perfect boat", and introduce family to a 1 week cruise along the east coast

Purchase the "optimum" boat and enjoy while the boys are still at home

Contact Me

I hope that I've given anyone trying to evaluate me as a potential crew mate the information needed to make an informed decision. Next step, is to e-mail me at to answer any outstanding questions you might have. Also, if you're not personally interested, but can give me any advice as to potential crew web sites and/or sailboat delivery captains, brokers, etc that might help me in my endeavor, that would also be greatly appreciated.

I can make myself available for telephone, (201) 220-5983, or in-person interview at your convenience.

Smooth Sailing

P.S. - I found the following poem of unknown attribution on the internet, (possibly Kostas Karyotakis in Nepenthe), and am now using it for personal inspiration.

A small boy heard the ocean roar,
"There are secrets on my distant shore,
But beware my child, the ships bell's wail,
Wait not to long to start to sail."

So quickly come and go the years
And a young adult stands abeach with fears.
"Come on, Come on," the ocean cussed,
"Time passes on. Oh sail you must."

Now it's business in middle-age prime
And maybe tomorrow there will be time.
Now is too soon - It's raining today.
Gone, all gone - years are eaten away.

An old man looks out, still feeling the lure
Yet he'll suffer the pain, than go for the cure.
The hair is white, the steps with care,
The tide has turned, he is aware.

So all too soon the secrets are buried
Along with him and all regrets he carried
And it's not for the loss of secrets he cried
But rather because he'd never tried.


Mit der Spousal!