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Hello fellow boater! I've developed this web site to help you make an informed decision as to whether you'd like to consider me as possible crew on your next voyage.  Most likely you've been directed to this site by a recent newsgroup posting or direct e-mail. I'd appreciate any comments you might have on my approach and objectives regardless of your actual decision.


I am looking to crew for a safe, competent, delivery skipper to:

Learn advanced sailing using a variety of craft and under a variety of of wind, weather, and wave conditions

Learn the pros and cons of various boat configurations and equipments to help focus search for own future "perfect" sailboat

Turn current textbook knowledge into practical experience

Have some fun moving boats


As your potential crew I consider myself:

Competent and capable in a variety of fields including navigation and the repairs of things mechanical and electrical

Reliable and hardworking with a great willingness and ability to learn new skills

Trustworthy and experienced in managing potentially risky situations safely

Flexible and good natured and generally available for crew duty with reasonably short notice


I'd like to see if the following could be possible:

Seaworthy boat - sound hull, rigging and engine as well as an autopilot, radar, EPIRB and liferaft for offshore excursions.

East Coast Location - I'm located in Northern N.J.

Less than 2 weeks duration of delivery - (I've got a wife and kids)

Off Season Scheduling - (Nothing during the summer when the weathers too nice)

Ideally sailboats would be small enough to have some relevance to something I might actually purchase, but I'll tough it out on the "big boats" as well. Smiley Face



At the helm!