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Management Consulting Services

Grow your business

By focusing on those issues which will enhance your competitive position

  • Strategic Planning - more than just a "vision"
  • Problem Solving - get closure on a complex issue
  • Technology Planning - use technology before it's used on you

Resolve a problem

By taking a structured approach to an issue that is:

  • Complex - with lot's of moving pieces
  • Critical - to your continued success
  • Urgent - where doing nothing is not an option

Do it yourself?

Lot's of companies try, and with mixed results. Line management is generally focused on the near-term crises, and may have little appetite for an exercise in objective self appraisal.

I can add:

  • Expertise and general business experience
  • Confidentiality to insure that all meaningful inputs are captured
  • Perspective that is independent of any internal biases
  • Credibility and validity to the exercise
  • Structure to the process to insure a thorough approach and logical conclusion

In most cases, I act as a process consultant, utilizing your organization's resources for expertise on business capabilities, customer requirements, and market trends with independent external research as required.

Change before you have to.

Jack Welch