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Frequently Asked Questions

Any issues still outstanding?

At this point, hopefully you're done reading and are ready contact me. If not, then maybe I need to answer a few more questions such as:

What can I really expect from small consultancy?

Potentially the same results as a full consultancy, without the extra logistics and overhead. If you have a good fitting project, I would expect to generate equivalent results at a fraction of the expense and internal disruption.

Why isn't this guy working full-time for a big company/consultancy?

Well, I have tried that and have found it to be reasonably satisfying. However, after having gained experience within the large company arena, I feel that I can offer a better service as an independent for a whole range of companies and issues that would not be appropriately serviced by the "big guys".

What's it going to cost?

Far less than the value added. Essentially, you can get the expertise of a "big consultancy" Principals, at entry-level consultant rates.

What have I got to lose?

Not a whole lot. Give me a call or e-mail and we'll set up an appointment at your convenience.

Wouldn't I be better off with a technology or industry specialist?

Maybe.. If the problem is easily definable as one that requires a specific expertise. However, often the root causes of a problem are not obvious, and an unbiased generalist with a broad perspective can better help with the correct problem definition.

This sounds great! Won't he be too busy to help me with my project?

Maybe! - Contact me ASAP and we can schedule something to insure that I am available when necessary.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.