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Marketing Management


You need a Marketing Manager to plan for a new product or channel, but your not currently staffed for this effort and aren't sure you need a full time headcount.

When you need someone to...

  • develop a feasibility study or business plan for a new product or channel
  • develop a marketing plan for a new product that your organization has already committed to market
  • keep an existing product line going while you recruit a full-time employee

What kinds of products?

Best fit products are based on some level of technology, and are either B2B, or consumer products marketed through a distributor and/or dealer network. Details of marketing positions held are in my resume.

Why it's important?

Growing the business can involve moving into new product categories or exploring alternative distribution channels. Existing staff may be not qualified nor objective enough to prepare an accurate assessment. I can help you evaluate new business opportunities, without disrupting your existing staff or business.

Why Me?

As an independent resource, I can add a broad and unbiased perspective to your situation. I can help you determine the best approach based upon both market conditions and your corporate resources.

In addition, I can help you develop:

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Product specifications and pricing
  • Marketing & Business plans

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.

Peter Drucker