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Technology Planning Services


Use digital technologies to support the strategic business objectives

How's it done?

Through meetings with key personnel to complete the following:

  1. Situation Analysis - customers, competitors and internal digital strengths and weaknesses
  2. Vision - of your positioning within the future marketplace
  3. Objectives - what needs to be done to get there
  4. Plan - for the best use of resources to achieve the objectives

Why it's important?

In the initial rush of the Internet, many technological initiatives were developed in a piecemeal fashion, without the perspective of an overall plan. In some cases, an inefficient use of IS resources and $ may have occurred. This plan ensures that limited resources are focused for maximal benefit.

Why I can help?

Often there are poor communications or even complete disconnects between the IS people's technical requirements, desires, and capabilities, versus the business wants, needs, and financial resources. By shifting the focus towards common business objectives there is:

  • Focus upon the external market requirements
  • Common understanding as to the relative priorities, capabilities, and expectations
  • Clarification of the overall direction and a reduction in uncertainty
  • Efficient utilization of limited resources

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