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General Problem Solving Services


To resolve a complex business problem in an logical and efficient manner

How's it done?

Through meetings with key personnel to complete the following:

  1. Problem Definition - determinine the correct project scope
  2. Research & Analysis - develop a set of possible solutions
  3. Validation - confirm that a correct result has been obtained
  4. Implementation - fix the problem

Why it's important?

These are the issues that keep you up at night. The easy "solutions" have been tried, and it seems they may be addressing symptoms instead of the root cause.

Why I can help?

An independent perspective can be useful in framing the business issues in a broader context and in lending structure to an exercise that may cross multiple functional and operational boundaries. The solution should be correct in its analysis and recommendation -- and therefore implementable.

I can help to insure the process is:

  • Independent - of any obvious bias from historical positions or personalities
  • Efficient - and structured to insure timely progress
  • Inclusive - to insure that relevant objective contributions are captured
  • Rational - to minimize impact of personal vs objective criteria
  • Actionable - and feasible

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler

Albert Einstein