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Interim Management Services

Quality help, without a full-time headcount!

You could use someone with my skill-sets on board, but don't want, or haven't found the right full-time employee. Existing staff is overloaded as is, and the project or function needs to get done. Schedules permitting, I could supplement your staff for a goals-driven exercise of reasonable duration.

Suitable when...

  • You have been unable to staff your organization for a critical position
  • Re-assignment of existing personnel is not viable
  • An existing position is vacated due to personal reasons, and you don't want a full time headcount to staff the position

"Best Fit" Projects include...

  • Good match with my skills and experience - see my resume
  • Geographically local to Northwest Bergen County, NJ
  • Position required for a specific limited duration

Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something

Thomas Edison